Red Cabbage


The gorgeously coloured Red Cabbage is not just pretty but nutritious too…

Did you know that Red cabbage has 10 times more vitamin A than green cabbage? Red Cabbage you might also be surprised to know also has twice as much iron as its green cousin.

Finely shredded Red Cabbage brightens any fresh summer salad. But it’s colour is know to bleed. To prevent this toss the shredded cabbage in a little vinegar before adding it to the salad and the colour stays fast.

One of our friends on Facebook said she uses Red Cabbage to make colourful Uttappams! We thought that was such a good idea. You too can let your imagination run wild and find new and innovative ways to use this brightly coloured vegetable.

Town’s Red Kadali Bananas


Although the saying goes ‘an apple a day…’, for most people it is unconsciously a banana a day. And you can’t go wrong because bananas are powerhouses of fiber and potassium. And the best thing about a banana is that if you can peel it you can eat it – you never bite into it and find it anything other than soft and sweet!

But have you tried the Red Banana? It is shorter and plumper than the regular bananas, with a faint berry after taste. It’s best when the skin turns maroonish but don’t wait for it to go mushy. Go ahead, be adventurous, try Town’s Red Kadali Bananas.

Town Essential’s Multigrain Bread

There is nothing as heavenly as a slice of fresh bread; that is so soft it cannot even hold the weight of its own crust. And to that if you add a dab of butter… But, no, we are told we must not go there – it’s not healthy.

Which is why you have Town Essential’s Multigrain Bread. Made with Wheat, Ragi, Soya, Oats and Cornmeal in small batches in our in house bakery. It gives you all the joy of freshly baked bread with the multigrain advantage. Truly a guilt free pleasure!

Try a loaf today!


Ghar ka Khana from Town Essentials

At the end of a long tiring day you sometimes wish a healthy home-cooked meal would appear magically on the table at dinner time. For days like this you can count on Town Essentials to come to your rescue.

Town Essentials introduces an exciting new service that allows you to pre-order tasty and fresh cooked Ghar ka Khana dishes and Gourmet dishes prepared by alliance partners to be delivered to your home.

Our dishes come with a guarantee of superior quality. Prepared fresh for you in a hygienic surrounding, using the freshest ingredients and without any preservatives and chemicals. The recipes we use are the same recipes used in home kitchens of people we know. Which is why we can confidently say that Town Essentials prepared food is the next best thing to home food!

Come try our prepared dishes and serve your family a healthy home-style meal on the days you don’t have time to cook.

Bring hone

With Town Essentials Rich Christmas Plum Cake.

Our Rich Christmas Plum Cakes have been sourced from Calcutta and is even today made the same way it has been made for generations in a mud and stone oven called the Bhatti. Using a traditional Anglo-Indian home recipe and quality ingredients like Amul Butter, Cashewnuts, Walnuts, Raisins and preserved fruits our Rich Christmas Plum Cake is amazingly moist, fragrant and rich.

Curl up in front of your Christmas Tree with a thick slice of Town Essentials Rich Christmas Plum Cake and relive the joy, simplicity and wonder of Christmas as it used to be.

plum cake

Home-Style Ready to Eat Dishes Delivered to your Doorstep

Town Essentials introduces an exciting new service…

A range of tasty healthy ready to eat dishes delivered to your doorstep!

Our dishes are made just like you would at home, with recipes sourced from moms and grandmoms, with the freshest ingredients and with no preservatives.

Town Essentials prepared food is the next best thing to home cooking! Come check out our new service at

black eyed peas

Green Drop, Make the World a Better Place


Every single day, we work towards being a more environment friendly company. Our team strives to find new eco-friendly packing material, reduce packing, facilitate recycling of packing material, save energy via same day sourcing and delivery, look for new sources of organic food, etc.

In yet another initiative to be more eco friendly, we have launched “Green Drop”, that will make your grocery greener, a reduced carbon footprint for every delivery. One can also call it responsible and sustainable grocery.

What the heck is green drop ?

After researching where our customers stay, we have identified certain apartments and gated communities, where we have a higher density of customers. Just like car pooling, we would like to van-pool all deliveries by gated community by apartment complex. Selected communities will be assigned a green slot, basically a time slot on one day of the week.

How do I know my apartment is “green drop enabled” ?

Once you login, your home page will indicate, whether your apartment or community is “green drop enabled”. If your apartment is green drop enabled, then at time of check out, in addition to the existing slots, you will have the option to select the green slot.

For a start we have selected a few communities. In any initiative, we need both sides to cooperate, to ensure the initiative is a success. As we discover and fix the kinks, we promise to add more communities over time.

One last thing

If you support “green drop” we will reciprocate.

Shop for an amount between Rs 500 and Rs 999 and earn 15% promo points. for eg. shop for Rs 800 and earn 120 promo points vs 50 points today.

Shop for an amount Rs 1000 and greater and earn 20% promo points. for eg. shop for Rs 1500 and earn 300 promo points vs 125 points today.

We look forward to your support, green drop is our contribution, our endeavour, to leave the world a better place.

Customer writes to the staff at


Lakshmi Narayana, who has placed over 175 orders with us, writes a very inspiring letter to the staff at When we first read the letter, we had second thoughts, whether a customer can really write something like this. Either way, it made our day for sure. 

We request all customers to write to us once in a while, tell us how we are doing, because we take feedback critically, not personally.


Dear Towness Staff,

I want to thank all the staff and authorities who belong to Townness, who are a great help to working people like us who have no time to waste on shopping sprees. (I am an internet author and have to sit before the computer day and night.)

As far as I have heard, there is no city in India that is blessed with an online shopping facility as provided by you people, with such quality products and such a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  (cut vegetables and fruits -so fresh and so good; thanks a lot!) Your pre-paid system saves so much headache about accounting and calculations!

I am forced to shop in ZN and BB for some branded products not available with you. But their vegetables and fruits are as worse as the old stocks available in malls and street shops. (cut vegetable in BB is too expensive and stale, even with all the technology they boast off) And mostly there is very rarely a case where the goods are not damaged or wrong things delivered; especially in ZN which makes some mistake with each delivery in accounting and billing; and does not check the quality of goods which are supplied.

I am really thankful to you people for making life so easy for people like us by providing such excellent service. Mistakes do happen; after all we are human. But your customer care department offers a wonderful service and there is no regrets about anything.

I once again offer my thanks to your organization, for the excellent services provided.

Wishing all the staff success and prosperity.

Yours sincerely
Lakshmi Narayana

Jaldi Healthy 5


Towness launches a community and competition to share recipes in times where time is scarce, health and taste cannot be compromised.

The recipe will contain a maximum of 5 ingredients, the 3 musketeers or sins oil, salt and sugar not included.

The final dish should take the minimum amount of time to fix, should be as healthy as possible, and as tasty as possible.

Panel of judges will consist of 2 chefs and 1 nutritionist.

Participants will have to supply 3 items:

A photo of the arranged ingredients
A photo of the cooked dish
A recipe and a story of any behind the recipe.
25 recipes chosen by the panel will be published in Town 2015, Jaldi Healthy 5 Recipe Book.

Twenty five cooks whose recipes are selected will get a few prizes.

A lovely Spice grinder set priced at around Rs.800/- sponsored by Jayanti Spices, the second largest spice exporter in the country.

Free gifts from Town Essentials worth Rs.2000/- each.

and the best recipe will get a fully paid resort holiday at

Looking forward to hearing from each one of you. To submit your recipe go to and click on the Jaldi Healthy 5 contest icon.