THE TOWN FOOD CLUB is a blog created by Town Essentials, a 100% vegetarian local e-grocer specializing in fresh fruits, vegetables, regional ingredients and artisanal goods. As Bangalore’s pioneers of home delivery, we have been bringing high-quality produce straight from the source to your doorstep since 2002. We believe that food is at the heart of every community; our goal is to help you discover and share the best of what India’s farms and kitchens have to offer. We also run our own kitchen: authentic pickles, jams and powders made from scratch form another unique feature of the world of Town Essentials.

This blog is our passion project to connect vegetarian and vegan lovers to share interesting stories and recipes. We emphasize local ingredients, regional flavours and seasonal produce. The last decade has seen the world embrace the idea and benefits of sustainable and healthy eating. People have become increasingly conscious of what they consume and where it comes from. For many Indians, vegetarianism has always been a way of life, but a growing community now want to take things a step further – to assure that what they eat is good for them, the environment, and the people who produce it. Town Essentials is a product of this philosophy.

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