Green Drop, Make the World a Better Place


Every single day, we work towards being a more environment friendly company. Our team strives to find new eco-friendly packing material, reduce packing, facilitate recycling of packing material, save energy via same day sourcing and delivery, look for new sources of organic food, etc.

In yet another initiative to be more eco friendly, we have launched “Green Drop”, that will make your grocery greener, a reduced carbon footprint for every delivery. One can also call it responsible and sustainable grocery.

What the heck is green drop ?

After researching where our customers stay, we have identified certain apartments and gated communities, where we have a higher density of customers. Just like car pooling, we would like to van-pool all deliveries by gated community by apartment complex. Selected communities will be assigned a green slot, basically a time slot on one day of the week.

How do I know my apartment is “green drop enabled” ?

Once you login, your home page will indicate, whether your apartment or community is “green drop enabled”. If your apartment is green drop enabled, then at time of check out, in addition to the existing slots, you will have the option to select the green slot.

For a start we have selected a few communities. In any initiative, we need both sides to cooperate, to ensure the initiative is a success. As we discover and fix the kinks, we promise to add more communities over time.

One last thing

If you support “green drop” we will reciprocate.

Shop for an amount between Rs 500 and Rs 999 and earn 15% promo points. for eg. shop for Rs 800 and earn 120 promo points vs 50 points today.

Shop for an amount Rs 1000 and greater and earn 20% promo points. for eg. shop for Rs 1500 and earn 300 promo points vs 125 points today.

We look forward to your support, green drop is our contribution, our endeavour, to leave the world a better place.

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